Chimney Installation & Rebuilding

Chimney Construction

Chimney builders can design and construct new chimneys for residential and commercial properties. They will consider factors such as the type of fireplace or heating system, building codes, safety regulations, and aesthetic preferences. They will handle the entire process, including foundation construction, brick or stone masonry work, flue installation, and the addition of chimney caps or crowns.
Chimney repair specialists can address various issues to ensure the chimney's safety, functionality, and structural integrity. Common repairs include fixing chimney leaks, replacing damaged or deteriorated bricks or stones, repointing mortar joints, repairing or rebuilding the chimney crown, and replacing damaged flue liners. They may also perform chimney cleaning to remove creosote or other blockages.

Dust and soot can accumulate over time with regular fireplace use.

From cleaning to rebuilding. Call us for a FREE estimate.

Thorough Chimney Inspection Work

Let the staff at Old Stone Masonry & Construction provide chimney inspections to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires and detect issues that require repairs. We look for cracks, obstructions, moisture, liner issues, and more to make sure your chimney is safe. Finding any issues in the initial stages will prevent costly and unnecessary repairs in the future. We provide service estimates by the next business day. Call us to learn more!

Handling Your Fireplace Damper Needs

Dampers prevent warm air from escaping the chimney and the cold air from entering it. If your damper is not functioning properly, it’s time to reach out to the experts. The staff at Old Stone Masonry & Construction will listen to your needs and provide the necessary services. Check out some benefits of chimney dampers:

  • Stopping water seepage to prevent black mold and a wet, burnt wood smell
  • Preventing bricks from absorbing water which causes expansion during winters
  • Stopping bugs from getting into the flue
  • Reducing heat loss through the damper
  • Home insulation to reduce your heating and cooling costs

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